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A lifetime of treasures under one roof

Marilyn and Sy Ginsburg have lived at Vi at Lakeside Village for more than three and a half years. After a lifetime of antiquing, it was important for them to have a house that could include all of their treasures, and they found just that in their villa home.

“Sy and I were antique buffs and we spent most of our younger days collecting odds and ends,” Mrs. Ginsburg said. “After looking at the villa, we saw a perfect place to start our new life…and it had a garage for all of the things that we collected.”

The couple, met as teachers – Marilyn a counselor and Sy a social studies teacher at a junior high in Central Islip, Long Island. When they married and moved into their first apartment, they started perusing flea markets, picking up occasional odds and ends. Throughout their lives together, the couple also did restoration on their various homes – they were certainly ahead of the curve when it came to the “do-it-yourself” movement.

“We wanted our place to have a Tudor effect so we sanded and stained the floors brown,” Mrs. Ginsburg said. “We also brought with us a French provincial piano in beige and we spent weeks stripping and staining the piano brown so it would fit our décor. About a year later we bought a 1909 English Tudor house and restored it, doing all of the work ourselves.”

Their rehabbing ways kept them busy. According to Marilyn, the couple did everything from strip fireplaces, to re-spackling ceilings, to creating beams on a high-peaked ceiling.

“As we became more interested in old things, we started collecting antiques and turned to selling off the original items we collected in our spare time,” said Mrs. Ginsburg. “This lead to a very interesting lifestyle, and we did a lot of traveling.”

The couple is still avid collectors. While they don’t get to flea markets as often as they did, they still make time to go to antique shows and consignment shops whenever possible. Other than their antiquing, their hobbies included their beloved pets.

“We were always serious pet owners,” Mrs. Ginsburg said. “We had as many as three German Shepherds at a time. Dogs and antiquing were basically our two interests.”

Now, at Vi, the couple are active in the lifestyle and resident programming offered at the community. Sy leads the current events club twice a month, and together they attend a number of daytime activities, lectures, and outings.

“Sy and I are seriously interested in politics,” Mrs. Ginsburg said. “That is why Sy leads the current events club and I share that interest in my own way…so you could say we are diversified – politics, collecting and dogs.”

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