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Rebecca Waldorf Brings People Together at Vi at Lakeside Village

From attorneys to doctors to home health providers, Rebecca Waldorf never misses the opportunity to make a connection. As Community Relations Manager for Vi at Lakeside Village, she spends her days developing relationships with people in the Palm Beach community, so when it’s time to choose a retirement community, potential residents and their families are aware of all that Vi at Lakeside Village has to offer.

Waldorf came to Vi at Lakeside Village with 20 years of experience in health care marketing, public relations and business development for organizations including an acute care facility, a senior rental company and a television production company. 

Now, a typical day for her could include an elder law meeting by morning and a financial seminar by afternoon– both opportunities to share information about Vi at Lakeside Village and gain referrals. She is passionate about working with people. That’s why she jumped when she heard about the role at Vi.

“Vi has a wonderful reputation, and it’s important to me to work for a company I am proud of,” Waldorf said.  “I knew I would be in my element, talking to people, both within the community and here at Lakeside Village. It’s very rewarding.”

Waldorf sees the value word of mouth can bring.

“Everyone has a mother,” she said. “If I’m talking to an elder law attorney, he may mention us to a client who is beginning to think about retirement homes. Or, he may be golfing with his friend who is concerned about a parent.” 

Recently, she attended a Fall Boutique for local vendors at a nearby temple, where she answered questions about topics ranging from floor plans to transportation to levels of care.

“I’m here to start the conversation,” she said. “It’s a process that often takes several years.” 

She also brings people in to the community. She hosts luncheons for groups like the Palm Beach County Guardianship Association, of which she is a member, the local Chamber of Commerce or the League of Cities. During those gatherings, visitors can see what Vi at Lakeside Village is about firsthand.

How does she describe Vi at Lakeside Village to those she meets in the community? “It’s not difficult to sell Vi at Lakeside Village as a wonderful place to live,” says Waldorf.  “It’s friendly and inviting. And even though it’s beautiful, people always tell me they first notice the warmth. That, in turn, warms my heart.”

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